Sunday, May 25, 2008

In Which: I Survey My Domain

So sorry to have kept you waiting. Blame the librarian. She's been hogging the computer this quarter, stressing out over her web development class. The poor thing rarely has time to give me a good brushing anymore. Luckily we've had a colder spring than usual, and I can use the extra fur.

But it is warm enough to enjoy the backyard. It is quite pleasant, with the sagging chain-link fence making it exclusive without denying the view. The librarian is sneezing her head off, huddled as she is over the laptop. Despite the pollen, she enjoys sitting outside watching me eat grass and do yoga on the sidewalk (scratches your back at the same time - try it!)
Here is the north side of the yard, as I face east from the little wooden deck outside the back door:

The librarian was pruning that lilac once upon a time, before she realized that not knowing anything about HTML was going to be a big issue. Maybe she'll get around to it after June 8th. Meanwhile, it's home to some lovely creatures that I very much enjoy watching (heh heh).
And here is the south side of the yard, with its bird feeders, much ravaged by squirrels.

Between those two trees are some tulips and grape hyacinth (and some good long grass to chew and regurgitate). The dog that lived here last summer had made it into a dust wallow, so those flowers coming up were quite a surprise. We don't know where we shall hang the hammock now.

And one of the aforementioned squirrels; this one is a mamma. We could tell by the teats and the little squirrels following her about. Here she appeared to be taking a rest, judging by the relaxed way she hung on the lilac twigs for about five minutes. On the other hand, she couldn't have been too relaxed, because she scampered off quite nicely as I tiptoed her way.

And was I complaining about my librarian ignoring me? Well, she does. I am quite annoyed. However, she's come a bit up in my estimation with her purchase of this sweater, honoring The Cat. The buttons are so clever: little Cat heads. Pppppurrrrrrrrrrr. Why won't she let me lay on it?