Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Which: a New Creature arrives at Fatty Kitty's

Hello, it is I, Library Kitty.  I've been sojourning at Fatty Kitty's for awhile now.  I went a few places with the librarian, for instance, to a great big lake.  It was windy and I almost blew in, but the librarian saved me:

Then we went down a country road.  I navigated from the dashboard:

And there I met someone who must have been my relative, because his name is Kitty Kitty.  He showed me how to roll on the dirt and scratch my back. 

 I remember Fatty Kitty enjoying this also, but a Woolly Kitty such as myself prefers not to get dirty, although I did enjoy hiding under the pepper plants.  I was as still and quiet as a squash.

But that was all a long time ago, and since then we haven't gone anywhere, and I am ready to be back in the office with Marilyn, who is my True Companion.  Soon, says the librarian, but first, I was part of the Holiday decorations.

and then...I met the New Creature.  He happened after they put the turkey in and before everyone came over to eat.  The librarian said he was a Woolly Mousekin.

He is very light, because there is nothing inside of him except catnip from Fatty Kitty's Memorial Garden.  Fatty Kitty was very partial to it, but since I am also Woolly, I decided not to bite the Mousekin.  Today the librarian brought him over to Molly's house and she didn't bring  him back.  I hope he is all right.  Since Fatty Kitty is not here, I feel responsible.  However, I have a funny feeling that Fatty Kitty would feel rather vampirish towards the Woolly Mousekin.  Or maybe that's just because I've been reading the Twilight series.  However, there is something about that Mousekin that makes me think Fatty Kitty would want to roll all over him, and you know how fat large Fatty Kitty was.  Is.  I meant IS.  Even though I haven't seen him, Fatty Kitty is still here.  The librarian knows it too.  I feel certain we'll be hearing from him sometime soon.