Sunday, May 10, 2009

In Which: we pay our last respects to Fatty Kitty

PJ, the Fatty Kitty died on April 13th.  We miss him so.  In memoriam, we have released pictures of Fatty Kitty in his younger days, before he became famous.  Some of the earlier pictures show him with his brother, Luigi, who died in 2005.

      Exploring the lilac with Luigi on the left, PJ on the right.
The brothers had similar markings, which became more pronounced as they grew older.  But Luigi had short fur, and PJ had long fur, thus he became known as the "Fatty Kitty."
Luigi is looking at the camera.  PJ is the one in the yoga pose, naturally.  It is the pose known as "Pork Chop."
In the photo above, PJ is above Luigi for once.  Luigi dominated the pair while he was alive, but PJ made up for it after Luigi died.


PJ felt he was a great help with schoolwork, as he liked to sit on my lap while I typed, starting in 1996, on my trusty Brother word processor...

and on to Missoula, where he perfected his snoozing technique while I finished up my Social Work degree:

to this winter when he helped me with the statistics in my research class.

I'll miss all the little hairballs we used to make after we brushed you, Fatty Kitty, and your purrs, and the way you smelled when I picked you up and squeezed you.  Thanks for not minding tooo much. We shared much more than I can tell in one blog post, of course.  I love you, Fatty Kitty!

Special thanks to the staff at Alpine Animal Hospital, who lost someone very dear to them in April as well.