Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty reviews a book

You can imagine my anticipation when the Librarian brought home Cat Yoga: Fitness and Flexibility for the Modern Feline by Rick Tillotson. In fact, look at that cover, and then look at

my friend abbiethekitty.

It should be obvious that my friend has a great talent. That the asana is known as beggingforfood does beg the question: why on earth does Abigail need any more food? But that is not a question for someone named Fatty Kitty to ask, is it?

I studied the pose:
It's just not in me to beg for food. I prefer to demand.

As for the other poses:

...grunt...I am suspicious...

...of a cat that can extend his rear leg straight back! In fact, the photos in the book were obviously photoshopped (one of those new verbs engendered by the computer world), but Abigail's photo is not. It is genuine. If someone wanted to make a real book of cat yoga, I could supply plenty of pictures that are eminently more suitable than these Cat contortionists.

I give this book a dewclaws down for faux photos where authentic photos would be ever so much more inspiring to those of us who love to stretch. Mreow!

Note: the reviews in this blog are the opinions of Fatty Kitty only, and not of the management.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty flatters the Librarian

Well, she was getting pretty frustrated. Every time she tried to make an avatar, something would happen. The buttons would stop working. One avatar site tried to sneak a Live Web Search program onto the computer. Another had rude pictures on it. It was enough to make a librarian swear. (Note: my librarian swears all the time; she's married to a sailor. But she knows where not to swear.)

So I had to do it myself. Voila: a librarian avatar:

Yahoo! Avatars
I put her in her favorite season, doing one of her favorite things. And if she's a little younger and skinnier, well I couldn't help it. I couldn't find an old avatar. I did it for her, because I am so fond of her, and I think of her welfare constantly. And this has nothing to do with getting in trouble by sleeping on those clean towels in that open drawer in the spare bedroom for the last week.

Now, the next thing is to find a very dignified avatar. I picture myself with well-groomed salt and pepper hair, a beard and mustache, a bit on the stout side, with a deep, slightly ironic voice. A pleasant picture. Drat, no voices on an avatar. I would be wearing a suit. A tux, I think, yesss. I think I shall have to nap on this for awhile. Alas, the drawer is closed. However, I spy a feather bed that has been left out while the sheets are being washed. That will do nicely. Shnore.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty has a 2.0 Experience

Consider the dignified kitty:
while resting on a sun-drenched cushion may be quite enjoyable, it is hardly intellectually stimulating. When my Librarian logged onto the Library 2.0 wiki, I became intrigued, and finally enamoured.

I found out about mashups. What a bunch of fun things there are to do out there. I am now totally addicted to playing on my Librarian's computer. YouTube – I can finally watch the Sesame Street Martians whenever I want. They are so deliciously pounceable. Yip, yip, yip, yip, yiiiiip.

An unintended and surprising consequence: my Cat friends in Minnesota followed along on the wiki, and we went back and forth, discovering different things and sharing them. I'm still a little upset that they have better trading cards than I. Harumph.

I desired more familiarity and facility with the web, and the framework of the program allowed me to learn while playing. I would definitely try to participate in another program, if it didn't interfere with snoozing, eating, or my grooming regimen.

My librarian appeared to enjoy the program as much as I (at least the Martian part, anyway. She doesn't pounce, but she can be so juvenile.) While I found everything about the program delightful, she had one caveat. I will allow her a moment at the keys:

One thing: everyone I know who actually completed the challenge spent a significant amount of time doing it at home. Doing it at work as was suggested, was impossible. One hour a week when you’re learning new things and trying to incorporate them into a blog is a fantasy.

And that's all for now. Except for one thing. My Librarian and I both agree that we should celebrate finishing the Montana Library 2.0 Challenge with an entrancing little video, in which the Martians...well, you'll have to see for yourself. Caio, Fatty Kitty.

Friday, March 7, 2008

In Which: librarykitty visits Columbia Falls Library and meets a Crocodile and a Rat

Hello! Fatty Kitty is pretending to nap, but I know he's really keeping one eye open on me while I play on his blog. I have so much to tell you!

Fatty Kitty's librarian (she is fabulous!) took me with her to the Columbia Falls branch of the Flathead County Libraries yesterday. And guess what! They have a crocodile in their children's department! If you don't believe me, just look at this:

I am snarling ferociously at that crocodile - that's why he had to let me go. I was brave.
But that's not all. I also met the library rat, Ariel.

She was sweet, and a little tickly. It's the whiskers. I'll bet Columbia Falls is the only library in the whole world that has a rat. Rats make pretty good pets for a library, and a lizard might be nice, too.

In the Columbia Falls branch, you can think of a name for a bass (that's a kind of fish, but it didn't smell like a fish) and win a prize, or go to storyhour (and sit by the crocodile) or see Ariel sit on the librarian's shoulder.
There's even an eagle to look at in a glass case. It was being ferocious too, and the picture got fuzzy. I think my paws were shaking. But he's stuffed, so he couldn't get me. Still, it was exciting to be so close to a stuffed eagle.
Fatty Kitty says he wouldn't be afraid, but then, he is so much than I am. Aren't you, Fatty Kitty?

Monday, March 3, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty becomes an Editor

I think I have found my niche. I am an editor. Of what, you ask? Cat Fancy? No, no, no, that's for the pretty kitties, those of less substance.

Why don't you just go to the Montana Librarians Wiki and check out the Montana Library Websites link on the left toolbar?
Oh all right, the link's right here. I'll go easy on you because I'm simply puffed up to see my name at the bottom of the page:
Latest page update: made by fattykitty , 9 minutes ago.

Aha! I see a link to a Montana Library Blogs page. Hmmmm, maybe I can "edit" that page too. This is as much fun as leaving a muddy pawprint...

...although someone was a little upset over that!
Ooooo, the Librarian is making me scootch over. I say, your big rear isn't giving me enough room..stop that...merooOOOWwww (sound of claws skittering across wood.)

(This is now the Librarian writing)
For lesson 9, we're supposed to create a blog post about what we found interesting about wikis. I checked through some of the links on the lesson page. The wiki, wiki, wiki link explained wikis a little more, because I still wasn't sure quite what they were about. I ended up spending the most time on the library wiki examples link, finding out what kinds of things libraries used wikis for. A couple of things I would like to our library to have wikis for:

Book review wiki - what a great idea! All the staff and the patrons could contribute to one of these.
How to use the library website wiki - we could add to an FAQ as patrons asked questions. The interface for the catalog isn't as user-friendly at first glance as it could be, but just a little tutoring gets you going, and most people really like to use it once they know how.
Library Best Practices wiki - this could take the place of the emails that are sent out to update staff on procedure, for one. Then we wouldn't have to save all those emails which clog up the system.

Some of the other exciting ideas I found, just by following links within the wikis:

The Multnomah County Library “What I'm reading now” badge, which carries those words and a picture of the book jacket from the book you're currently reading - from an article in Library Journal about the Paraprofessional of the Year, Steve Roskoski.

In two different places I read about having a teen book club; one was in a detention center for girls. I think it's a great idea to bring the library to people who can't come to the actual building. After all, that's what we're trying to do virtually, why not in real time as well?

Ok, that cat is yowling. He's been so demanding lately...thinks he's something, for sure. And this chair is covered with hair...yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get you some food, you fatty kitty. Yeah, you, you're the fatty one....uh, huh.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty displays Enthusiasm

This podcast thing is phenomenal. And I'm tagging them all with my buttons up on my toolbar. Goodbye, bookmarks!

Right now, for instance, I'm listening to my podcast from WGBH in Boston - classical music. So when the local station is playing the news for the third time in the morning, I can enjoy my podcast, instead. La de da de daaaaa.

The Librarian is going to show her coworkers Daniel Pinkwater's podcast of his broadcasts on children's books. We've tagged it with a mtlib20 tag in, for everyone's enjoyment. An erudite man, Pinkwater...he has a picture of his pet on his page. Even though it is a dog, I think that shows his good taste in companions. I will give dogs their

While listening to classical music, it's nice to see some pretty kitties. I recommend this set of photos by a kitty friend. The TechnoCat has been mentoring his friends, you see, and they are all over it. They surpass me, alas. Oh well. I am elevated by the company I keep (yes, that means you, librarykitty, little fuzzball of yarn.) (I am a bit fond of him.)

signed, an irrationally exuberant Fatty Kitty

Saturday, March 1, 2008

In Which: we have a guest blogger - librarykitty!

Hi! I'm the librarykitty from Flathead County Library, and I'm visiting Fatty Kitty. He's letting me write his blog, even though I'm not near as as he is. And smart too! I really look up to that Fatty Kitty!

Today his Librarian (she is awesome) brought me to the Whitefish Library and showed me around. I got to visit with some Snowfolk:

And I also spent some time catching up on my reading in the children's department:

I'm going to recommend these books to Fatty Kitty - he spends too much time on the computer!
I can't wait to get back to the Kalispell library where I live, and tell Marilyn all about my adventures! I miss you, Marilyn. Wish you were here, love, librarykitty.

In Which: Librarians Run Amok and Fatty Kitty is Appalled

My Librarian has eyeballs like dried-up raisins and she really should be building a database but...perhaps temporary insanity has set in. For instance, she's been laughing maniacally ever since viewing something on YouTube:

I cannot believe that librarians actually made this video. It must have been the tech support staff. Yes, that's what I intend to believe. A pox on Mighty Mouse! I just remembered that the tech support staff are also librarians. Nap! I shall take a nap. And I'll think of some way to get my Librarian back. After all... tomorrow is another day.

(with thanks to marjeedhag)

In Which: Fatty Kitty indulges the Librarian with her podcast.

How frustrating it was to watch the Librarian try to get a pod catcher to work with Windows Vista. Thank goodness she finally gave up and commenced scratching my neck again. And my jaw aahhh how I looovvvee a good jaawww scratch...wait, don't stop oh drat! She's got it working on the bloglines account and now Garrison Keillor is spouting off about some poet. I suppose I've got Library 2.0 to thank for this.Meroowwww. Okay, she's scratching me again. Uummmmmmhhhh...she says if I'm a good kitty she'll podcast my monologue - the one I always give when she arrives home from being out. Well, at least then a Cat would have something worth listening to!

My Librarian has a good idea - what if the Flathead County Library makes podcasts of librarians reading children's books? Hmmm, I wonder if this is possible...wait..don't go...scraaaaaaatch meeeeeeeee.