Thursday, February 28, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty admits he is bested.

I was quite proud of my library trading card, but it is nothing compared to the Cat Cards generated by these two kitties. I especially admire Alice's, for purrfection of picture wedded to a most appropriate poem. I wonder what their brother Alton will come up with? How could I ever imagine a mere library trading card could trump a Cat Card?

A (slightly) Humbled Fatty Kitty.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty gets excited about something

I was snoozing on the quilt the other day, when I was rudely interrupted by the Librarian. I hate being interrupted when I'm doing something important, don't you?
Anyway, she dumped books on the bed and began taking pictures of them, whilst mumbling to herself. I draped myself over several of the books, so as to make the photos more interesting, of course, but she kept shooing me off. I had to go sleep somewhere else:

I was just dropping off again when down she comes to the computer and starts tapping away. I caught a few words, "...knitting books ...catalog...LibraryThing...." It wasn't until I gave up napping and hopped up onto her lap to watch, that I understood the full import of her monologue. She was finally getting a handle on her knitting book obsession and posting them all up on a website called LibraryThing. Thus, she'll be able to see if she has a book before bidding on Ebay next time!

I think this is a stroke of genius. I keep meowing at her to hurry and take pictures of my Garfield books, but so far, she doesn't get it.

In Which: Fatty Kitty Generates a Button

Behold my button (over there on the right). It is pink (that was my Librarian's idea) and has a font that - according to my Librarian - is cute. The only thing about it that is mine is that is has my name on it. But I won't bite the hand that feeds me. I'll do as I'm told and tell you where I got my cute little button: right here.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty throws down the glove.

Greetings, bibliotechies.

I am quite fond of that word, bibliotechies. I borrowed it from a blog on my RSS feeds. You may look for it on my blogroll. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll have to think of a new asana called blogroll...

But enough chatter.
I, Fatty Kitty, issue a challenge to you librarians, especially the Flathead County librarians. I have created a trading card on Flickr for my Librarian's library. Voila:

So. Here is the challenge. Use the tool described in the Flickr toys page to make a trading card for your library. Then we can trade! And I will be the grandest Cat on the block, because none other has a librarian, thus none other will have Library Trading Cards. If I were undignified enough to giggle, I would do so now.

I am definitely becoming a TechnoCat. My Librarian will be so proud. Perhaps she'll give me some extra catnip. Yeowwwwlllll!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty fights with Flickr, but not for long.

Blog a photo. Blog a photo from Flickr.

Unfortunately, Flickr doesn't seem to have the proper respect for my dignity, and keeps on putting my photo of a goose in somebody else's blog. How frustrating! And a frustrated Fatty Kitty is no fun at all.

This goose, however, intrigues me. It lives at the Kalispell Branch of the Flathead County Library (FCL to their librarians) and changes clothes every so often. If I were there, at the Children's desk at FCL - Main, I would give that goose a piece of my mind. You'd never catch Fatty Kitty wearing clothes, although my Librarian once put socks on me - but that was completely against my will. I would have protested but of course, the wily Librarian caught me while I was napping. I forgave her when she brushed me, but only then. Fatty Kitty knows when to hold a grudge.

If this bloggy thing refuses to work for the fourth time, Fatty Kitty gives up.

It didn't work. Harumph. A link is all you will get. Blame Flickr, for Fatty Kitty has done his best!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty Wakes Up and Does Yoga

Greetings, librarian-types. I apologise (yawwwn) for falling asleep for so long. I woke up for a little while. And while I did, I did a little messing about with Flickr. I will preview my account for you, called (naturally) Fatty Kitty's Flickr, over on the right there, with my Flickr Badge. Clever, no?

All right. Prepare to be amazed. I will preview my yoga exercises - that's asanas for those in the know. And that would be you, O Librarians, wouldn't it?

I call this pose Rolling Furball of Thunder. Don't you think it is apt?

Next we have Dust Bunny. In this pose I lie quite still, with occasional twitches. Try to breathe deeply and not pant. No panting. (This is why dogs aren't very good at yoga, Downward Dog notwithstanding.)

Here I am doing an excellent rendition of the pose, Courageous Kitty, named for the blatant baring of the soft underbelly. Note the curling of the back paws.

And last, but not least, the difficult Chew Toy, a tribute to the twisty rawhide pet treats.

Ahhhh. I feel much better. Of course, the actual pictures were taken in much sunnier weather. I believe my Librarian was enjoying the morning by drinking tea on the front stoop when she was inspired by my dedication to the practice. Sometimes she even tries to stretch. I would add a deprecating remark here, but she has the key to the catnip.