Saturday, January 19, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty says "If a Cat can, you can."

Fatty Kitty is going to tell you a secret. Despite all my griping, I've been taking advantage of those RSS feeds, especially for putting holds on new knitting books that my Librarian loves so well. And despite misgivings that I won't be the only Greedy Gus after I expose my little habit, I'm going to tell you how to get the newest books, CDs, and DVDs at the Flathead County Library. Follow my instructions to the letter. I am not responsible for loose paws on the keyboard!

Go to the Flathead County Library website (hereinafter known as FCL; a lot less typing for my kitty paws.)

In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see a link to "New Arrivals." Click it.

Up comes a page with links to all the different media that FCL collects (known as a collection, right?) Again, in the upper right-hand corner, you'll see a small menu square with the title "Library Info." The second choice is "RSS Feeds." Click it.

Now you're on a MT Government page. There are lots of choices for RSS feeds at this point. About a third of the way down the left-hand column, you'll find FCL's link to all their feeds. Click it.

Aha! What riches! DVDs! CDs! (I prefer bird calls...t ch tch tch...o bother, don't get me started!) New books in fiction and non! Click whichever you prefer (I preferred all.) After this you'll have to follow the directions for your browser and RSS feeder. I'm sure you have the wit to figure it out...eventually. If a Cat can, you can.

Now, the best is, that whenever FCL gets a new whatever, it comes right to your computer. You click on your feeds, you look at the new stuff, and YOU PUT IT ON HOLD RIGHT THERE! See? What did Fatty Kitty tell you? And you'll probably be first in line, except for maybe those technical processing folks down in the basement. Oh well, they are in the basement, so we'll let them have their fun.

Now, you ask, O Fatty Kitty, why did you make it so difficult? Couldn't you just give us the link? No, no, no, you drooling puppies, I could not. I have to have a little fun with my treasure hunt, don't I? And you know how I love to make people run around in all directions, don't you? Well, you do now.

You probably have another question (tiresome of you, but oh so typical). Why, Fatty Kitty, do you want to get knitting books for your Librarian? It's not the books, silly, it's that after she reads them she always buys some new balls of yarn! Maiow!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In Which: RSS feeds? Why not Fatty Kitty feeds?

How tiresome it is to have one who should be waiting upon you all caught up with adding to the "Blogroll." A roll should only be about food, and food should have to do with moi.
She added one blog about a Cat to appease me. Harumph. More on this later; I hear a can opener.

Ta ta.
The Fatty Kitty

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In Which: Fatty Kitty grudgingly does the required assignment (sigh).

My online presence does owe its existence to a certain library project entitled Library 2.0. It seeks to update all the fuddie-duddies that prance about in such public institutions. My companion (clever of me to think of a neutral term for her, isn't it?) is participating in this, and requests I post certain obligatory messages to others of her ilk. Thus:

"Use one of your test posts to create an entry about the habits among the 7 and 1/2 lifelong learning habits that is easiest and hardest for you & why."

Easiest Habit: Accept responsiblity for my own learning. I like learning, so I'm always taking a class in something, or finding a new subject to read about. I think that's why I like doing reference work: I'm curious about everything. (Bravo! But needs work on being more responsible for the Cat box - fk).

Hardest Habit: View problems as challenges. Time is a problem, and it will take some doing to think of it as a challenge rather than a problem. But it's so much more positive to think of it as a challenge - I think I'll like that. (You would. All that perky, syrupy, chirpy stuff. Reminds me of a bird. Hmmm. Maybe that's why I put up with you - fk).

All right, that's done and I can have my blog back. Except now it's time to take a nap. Or three.

Yawningly Yours, PJ

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In Which: The Fatty Kitty begins to introduce himself but gets sidetracked.

Welcome dear library friends, to my humble blog.
I'll treat you to a picture of Me, a snapshot that is, alas, quite alarming.

If you perceive my outrage, perhaps you will not blame me, when I point out that the little ragamuffin that seeks to replace me in my, er, dare I say servant...? No? Well, then, let us call her a tenant in my abode (she does do the cooking and cleaning doesn't she? I don't see why I need be so tactful). At any rate, the little brat seeks to replace me in her affections. And he does so while cheerfully wearing my own whiskers! As Stewie would say, "Damn him!"

Signing off in High Dudgeon, the Fatty Kitty